Ceramic cat water fountain

Cats who are healthy and happy need access to fresh water. The more water they get, the better. Therefore, the Miaustore Cat Water Fountain has 8 different drinking areas: 4 easy-flowing bodies of water, 3 mini waterfalls and a bubbling spring.

The Miaustore Ceramic Cat Fountain

Cats prefer to drink fresh, running water. That’s why the Miaustore Pet Fountain has 8 different drinking areas with water that encourage your cat to drink.

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Standard fountain
Fountain with
motion sensor
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+Cat grass vase
+Cat grass seeds
+Organic soil
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Fountain with
Motion sensor
+Cat grass vase
+Cat grass seeds
+Organic soil



4.83 out of 5 Stars (54 Reviews)

  • Motivates pets to drink
  • Quiet
  • Recommended by veterinarians
  • 8 different drinking areas
  • Step by step video guide for set-up & usage included
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • 1 year money back guarantee
  • Safe pump & 5 volt cable
  • Separate pot for cat grass (Optional)
  • Handmade and fired at 1210 degrees
  • Made in Europe

Quantity: Colour: Blue




Standard fountain
Fountain with
motion sensor
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+Cat grass cup
+Cat grass seeds
+Organic Soil
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Fountain with
motion sensor switch
+Cat grass cup
+Cat grass seeds
+Organic Soil




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Add additional items:
Motion sensor switch(£8.90): With this sensor the fountain
only turns on when your cat approaches it. Saves electricity and makes the fountain even more fun for your cat

Waterproof silicone mat(£8.90): Keeps the floor clean and absorbs vibrations from the fountain

Cat grass cup with organic soil and cat grass seeds(£8.90): Cup perfectly fits into the fountain. Cat grass grows within 3-5 days

Unlimited free replacement parts for 10 years(£7.90):With this extended Warranty we’ll replace anything that breaks or stops working, up to 10 years after your purchase

Matching ceramic food bowl(£8.90) :Made out of the same high quality ceramic, these bowls have a unique whisker friendly design that cats love.

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Overview of Benefits

Cats prefer drinking running rather than stagnant water. Hence, most cats do not drink enough if they only have one still bowl available. However, our product motivates even the most low water-intake cats to drink, thanks to the 8 drinking areas with fresh, oxygenated running water.
Lack of hydration is one of the biggest factors in the most common causes of death of adult cats: kidney and urinary tract diseases. Modern dry food contains such a low amount of water that cats dehydrate and often become seriously ill if they do not drink enough liquids. With this pet well, you can considerably reduce this risk.
The Miaustore water well creates a pleasant home for your cat: Thanks to the pet fountain, owners can in many cases spend more time with their kitty because they will often come inside the home to drink.
Numerous studies prove that many pets become depressed and sluggish because of a lack of water. Most commonly without the owners knowledge. Our product is the perfect solution to increasing the water intake of your feline
The large surfaces of the cat water fountain moisturise the room air and thus provide a pleasant and healthy indoor climate.
Normally you would have to ask friends or neighbours to feed the pet while travelling. Now, thanks to our cat drinking fountain, you can worry about food by just filling a few bowls with dry sustenance. Fill the fountain with 3.4 litres of water and your cat will be able to get along easily without you for 3 to 7 days. (The well itself does not have to be refilled until after 10 days, however a large pile of dry food does not work on all cats – Try the concept for 3-4 days first.)
Thanks to our unique pumping system, the product is practically noiseless. However, if you want, you can adjust the power to create a gentle lapping sound.
The maintenance is almost as easy as with a normal drinking bowl: Change the water every few days and once or twice a month you can clean the whole body with a dishwasher. Please clean the pump manually. Clean the pump with a standard brush and remove hair and dirt from it.

Cats prefer to drink running water

Feline Drinking from the tap
Cats are drawn to running water  because it smells better, looks more attractive
and is easy to reach without touching their sensitive whiskers .

Feline drinking wells are becoming increasingly popular because cats naturally drink too little. This is becoming an increasing problem because modern food usually has a low amount of water inside.

“Since cats are usually bad drinkers… more attention should be paid to drinking enough…. Usually, a still drinking bowl is not enough for them “-Dr. Nösler, Veterinarian

Cats originate from the middle eastern desert and are naturally engineered to cover their hydration needs almost completely by the meat they eat. In fact, fresh meat has about 70% water content.

However, because commercial dry food only has about 10% water content, most domestic cats have to consume an additional 1-4 decilitres each day to be sufficiently nourished. Though they are unfortunately not designed to sip this much from a drinking bowl.

According to Dr. Bonnie V. Beaver, author and professor of veterinary medicine, cats need between 0.44dl and 0.66dl of water per pound of body weight, per day. As a result, a full-grown cat should drink 1 to 2 drinking cups every day completely. Think of your pet: does she or he drink 1 to 2 full drinking cups every day? Not likely…

4 widespread explanations as to why cats do not like to drink from standard bowls:

1. In nature, stagnant water from ponds and puddles are almost always polluted and contaminated, so cats have an instinctive aversion to stagnant surfaces.

2. Because cats are hunters, their eyes are mainly used to detect movement. A still, small, transparent water surface can often not even be seen by your pet!

3. Your cat’s whiskers often touch the rim of their bowl before they touch the water. Furthermore, they hate it when their whiskers are bent. (This is also the reason that they often eat only the dry food in the middle of their food bowl, and leave the food on the edge).

4. Cats have a sense of smell two times stronger than humans. Therefore, they smell the bacteria and germs in the stagnant water and do not want to drink from it. Even if they might need it urgently.

Would you like to drink a glass of water that has been sitting on your kitchen floor for a week? Most likely your cat probably thinks exactly the same as you and finds it just as disgusting. Though unlike you, it can not pour a fresh glass of water. Cats just decide to not drink anything at all, and in many cases live with a constant lack of hydration. Only now and then the thirst becomes so strong that they still force themselves to drink from a stagnant still water bowl.

The lack of water intake problem in cats has been increasing in recent times. That’s why the UK Royal Veterinary Institute, along with official veterinary organisations from around the world, released a report in January 2016 asking everyone to provide running water for their cats (see quote below).

Royal Veterinary CollegeInternational Society of Feline Medicine

“Cat owners should offer a variety of water sources (including flavoured water and running water, for example, with a ‘cat well’)”

-Request from a report published by the British Royal Veterinary Institute together with official veterinary organisations from around the world on 1 January 2016.


This is precisely why the Miaustore cat fountain offers a total of 8 different water sources: 3 surfaces with flowing & moving water, 3 small waterfalls, a bubbling spring, and a calm surface. Thus, every imaginable way in which water occurs in nature has been incorporated. These 8 drinking points are located at 4 different heights so that cats of all sizes can find a comfortable drinking point. As soon as your pet has access to the fresh, chilling, bubbling water of the Miaustore water well, she or he will immediately drink much more than before.

The moving water will immediately catch the attention of your cat, because as a hunter it reacts to every minute movement. In some cases, there is a small period of habituation, but most cats immediately start drinking. Almost all customers say their pet drinks much more since they purchased our drinking fountain

Thanks to the hygienic design & ceramic material you do not need expensive filters and could save up to £154.20 per year

One of the biggest advantages of our product is there is no need to buy expensive replacement filters thanks to the High-grade, dishwasher-friendly ceramics. Although plastic alternatives are cheap to buy initially, their filters will add unbelievable costs in the long term. As a rule, plastic is very difficult to keep clean, manufacturers sell these filters, which often have to be bought monthly. Here is a customer review on Amazon.com for such a plastic product with filter:

“”As already written, the filter is really good, but just too expensive. The whole thing looks like a trap, buy the cat fountain and then bear the following costs. Of course this is not okay, the pet fountain is great, and is also taken to by my two felines. But the price for the filters shocks me “- Michael S.

In this case, the filter set of which Michael speaks, costs £12.85 which amounts to £154.20 over the year. By buying the Miaustore cat well, which needs no filter thanks to the hygienic, dishwasher-suitable ceramics, our customers save this expense.

The exact reason for these hygiene problems with plastic cat fountains is that they develop small scratches and crevices during use and cleaning, in which bacteria can and will grow. Even without these scratches, the bacteria can settle on a soft plastic surface much easier than ceramics

PS: In the same factory where our cat products are made, we also make high quality plates and cups for people. As a result, the Miaustore fountain is manufactured to the same high quality standards as high quality dinnerware suitable for human consumption.

You’ve probably already noticed that plates, glasses and pans are almost always made of ceramic (porcelain), glass or metal, but never made of plastic? There is a very good reason. With normal dishes, it is well known that plastic is simply unhygienic, impractical and not dishwasher safe. However, many pet companies will try to make people believe this is different with cat drinking fountains, or any pet wells just to sell expensive replacement filters for years. Please do not fall into this scam. Buying a stainless steel or ceramic cat fountain is better and safer for your friend and cheaper for you.

The new, quiet pump system of the Miaustore cat water fountain removes the 3 most common sources of noise that conventional cat water fountains emit.

Miaustore's Ceramic Well Pump Design
Thanks to the new pump system, the Miaustore cat fountain is extremely quiet,
even quiet when the water level is low.

By far the most common problem with conventional cat wells are that people find the pump is too loud. Together with experts from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, we have developed a novel pump system. As you can see in the graph, this includes 3 innovations that would all make a huge difference on their own.

1.The pump is not lying on the floor as per usual, but hangs from the silicone hose and floats in the water. Therefore, no vibrations are transmitted to the ceramic tower, and subsequently there is no noise..

2. In most cases when pumps are loud, the water level is low enough that the pump sucks in air. This is because invariably every fish tank and well pump sucks the water from the side, and pumps upwards for technical reasons. Therefore we have developed a solution to suck in the water from below and pump it upwards. This relatively small change makes a huge difference! For example when the water level drops in a conventional pet fountain to 3-5cm height, it starts to hum because of the air that is sucked in from the side. The Miaustore cat water fountain, on the other hand, can still function perfectly with water at 3 mm deep without emitting any noise. You can read more about this below, where I describe the volume of the fountain.

3. The pump is placed in the largest tower of the cat fountain. When this tower is in the base, all 4 sides are completely closed, and surrounded by 1.1 kg of sound-absorbing ceramic.

Thanks to the 3.4 litre capacity, and thanks to the new pumping system, the cat water fountain only has to be refilled 3 times a month

Comparison of a Conventional Pump and a Miaustore Pump
Conventional cat fountains are loud as soon as the water has
dropped to 3-5 cm (on the left). They must therefore be constantly
refilled. However, the Miaustore one can exhaust its
3.4 litres of water – almost 100% , thanks to the improved pump
(on the right)

Most pet fountains have to be replenished every 3 to 5 days, but with our pet fountain, thanks to the 3.4 litres of water volume, the water will last 10 days without the need to refill the well. In addition, you never have to worry that the pet fountain will run empty and the pump will break down.

There are 3 reasons for our ingenious design:

1. The sides of the casing are optimally arched so that not only do they look smooth but to hold as much water as possible. These curvatures harmonise perfectly with the curves of the towers. Our designers perfected this detail over months.

2. The width of our product is relatively large

3. Thanks to the new pumping system, 100% of the water can be used. This is a world first, because conventional cat fountains must always have a water level of at least 3-4 cm so that the pump does not break. When the water level drops lower, these pumps suck in air, become loud and break after a few hours. By contrast, the Miaustore pump works without any problems until the base is almost completely empty. Our cat water fountain has 3.4 litres of useful capacity, and this is comparable to a conventional “5 litre fountain”.

If you purchase our motion switch as an accessory, the pet fountain will last even longer because less water will evaporate.

The pet water fountain is safe thanks to the certified low voltage pump, and the fountain design


The safety of your cat is very important to us. Pumps in our cat fountains were therefore tested by 6 independent organisations: RoHS, GS, UL, CE, SAA & KC

Our pump is supplied with a secure 5 volt low voltage cable, with a power adaptor plugged in, separate from the pet fountain.

The cable never hangs over a water surface, but goes directly into a hole in the largest tower of the pet fountain.

In developing this cat water fountain, we have read thousands of customer experiences on cat water wells. Not once has it been reported that the cat bites through the cable (only in ferrets this was reported to have happened). However thanks to the position of the cable, and thanks to the low tension, your cat would even be safe if it would bite through the cable.

1 Year Acceptance Guarantee: If your cat does not drink from the cat fountain, you can send it back and get a full refund.

You can send the cat fountain back within 1 year, if your cat does not drink it, or if you are otherwise somehow dissatisfied.

If your cat eats partially, or even exclusively, dry food, I’m sure she will drink from the cat water fountain every day. Cats that eat only wet food, use the pet fountain a little less often, but in most cases are happy with it. That’s why we can afford to offer this warranty

The same guarantee applies to all other promises: simple cleaning, high quality, easy refilling, safety etc.

And do not worry, we do not sell used pet fountains that are sent back. When you order you will always get a brand new model.

Floris Schmucki, Founder of Miaustore

At times the high demand leads to delivery bottlenecks, order while the pet fountains are still in stock!

In this picture you can see some of the countless emails we received during our delivery bottlenecks. You can prevent this situation by ordering the cat water fountain while it’s still in stock.

We are not proud of it, but it has happened to us several times, that we have been completely sold out because production can not keep up with demand. The problem could be fixed by simply importing tons of mediocre ceramic parts from China, but we insist that all our cat fountains are made in Europe, mainly by hand. This enables us to ensure high quality and create valuable jobs. Unfortunately, this has often led to customers having to wait months to order the cat fountain. If you are interested, order now, as long as the cat drinking fountains are still in stock.

As long as we have cat fountains in stock at the mail order company, delivery takes 1-3 days. If we still have our water fountain for cats in stock in the country of manufacture, shipping takes 2-3 weeks. But as soon as we are sold out, the waiting time can take months because we start a new production cycle.

Now is again a window open in which the pet fountain is available.

If you are interested, order our water fountain for cats now. Thanks to the guarantee you can send the fountain back if you are not satisfied. But if you wait too long to make a purchase decision, it may be that the pet fountains are suddenly gone, or you might have to waiting a long time.

Cleaning & maintenance of the cat fountain is simple:

The maintenance is almost as easy as with a normal drinking bowl:

Just change the water of your cat drinking fountain once a week. And once or twice a month you can put the entire fountain in the dishwasher.

The 3 towers can be easily removed and put back in place. You can pull the towers from the top. But if your cat tries to overturn the towers from the side, they will hardly move. We have been working for a long time to ensure that the towers are firmly anchored in it’s casing, but can still be easily pulled out from above.

These towers are open at the bottom so that the inside of the dishwasher is also clean. So you can wash all 4 ceramic elements in the dishwasher and the pet fountain shines like new again.

The set-up of the product and maintenance details are all send via a video to you after every purchase.

Included in the delivery:

  • Cat fountain (bowl plus 3 towers)
  • 5-volt water pump, adjustable with 5 levels, maximum 2.5 watts
  •  Power supply
  •  Video-Instructions
  • No filter, as it’s not necessary with ceramic

Replacement pumps are available, just write to support@miaustore.com

Technical Details:

  • Made of high quality ceramic, fired at 1210 degrees
  • 4.5 KG (without water)
  • Width: 25 cm
  • Depth: 28 cm
  • Height: 18 cm
  • Capacity: 3.4 Litres
  • Useful capacity: 3.3 litres (comparable to a conventional “5 litre” well, as the pumps in conventional wells can only use 60% to 80% of their capacity)
  • Miaustore Ceramic Well Dimensions
    Total weight: 5.5kg (including power supply and pump)
  • Miaustore Ceramic Well Dimensions
  • Miaustore Ceramic Well Dimensions
    0.7 kg
  • Miaustore Ceramic Well Dimensions
    0.6 kg
  • Miaustore Ceramic Well Dimensions
    2.8 kg


4.83 out of 5 stars (54 Reviews)






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Latest Reviews:

28. July 12:58

Both we and our cats are very pleased with the water fountain.

23. July 17:27

it’s a lovely thing – very zen! The cats drink out of it from all the different levels and don’t splash water everywhere as with the more open bowls. Also the filter is much simpler than other fountains, and easy to clean Overall I’m very pleased with the fountain.

24. June 12:48

I received a couple of faulty fountains and still waiting for a new one, so cannot comment much. The fountain seems otherwise excellent. I can’t wait to start using it once it arrives. Costumer service is top class.

24. June 08:18

This cat fountain was a great buy…both my kitties love it. They drink from different areas and it’s lovely to watch them using it at the same time. It has certainly stopped Billy from camping out in the sink in protest for his perfectly fresh water bowl. He would only drink from a tap or if you filled his bowl in front of him and held it to his mouth….spoilt much! I have customised the layout a little has Billy has a gigantic head and as he prefers to drink from the ‘moat’ his ears kept getting wet. The only negative for me is that the tube where the pump is can be a bit tricky to clean…and collects a bit of gunk. I end up poking a cue tip down the tube to collect the gunk. Would totally recommend…

17. June 12:09

I love the look and feel. I wish I had slightly more confidence in the pump which needs very regular cleaning to be effective and silent. My cat loves it too.

17. June 10:21

First fountain arrived unfortunately damaged, however the lovely company shipped me out another replacement very quickly with no hassle. Our 2 cats absolutely love the fountain, we have had many in the past which got caked in limescale even though we regularly cleaned it or the pump just gave up. I am extremely happy with this product & have been recommending other pet owners to purchase.

17. June 06:25

Excellent fountain,my 3 cats love it. If I dropped it,would have to buy another. Lovely blue colour.

10. June 14:28

Excellent product, my cat has now stopped trying to drink from taps, Much better than other fountains I’ve tried, very easy to clean, looks a lot nicer than a white plastic fountain. Would recommend this fountain.

28. May 22:10

Looks fantastic as a stand alone water feature. Most of my cats (have nine) use it for either drinking or playing with, so need to mop up puddles.

26. May 13:12

Love this fountain so much I bought a second one. My cats adore it and use it daily and they also love the grass cup with super easy to grow grass! Very happy customer and I recommend it to everyone!

23. April 07:34

My cat never used to drink much water until I bought her the fountain. Now she drinks so much more. She seems to love it. It looks great too. It’s easy to maintain and would look good in any room as a water feature. I would happily recommend this.

22. April 18:59

The older cat wasn’t sure at first, but the kitten dived right in causing the older one to start using the fountain. Both cats are now definitely hydrated and happy (if occasionally wet!). CS support is also top notch. Had a faulty part that got replaced without hassle within a few days.

22. April 15:21

I got a grey fountain which was delivered in around 2 weeks. It was easy to set it up and my cats love it. I have to say post purchase service is excellent and I was able to get a replacement pump with no issues at all. Very happy and I will be ordering another one in the near future. Thank you!

22. April 11:51

Perfect for the cats and perfect for feng shui

18. April 09:31

Very nice looking and substantive. Easy to clean dishwasher friendly. The only minor snag is some difficulty in attaching the pump to the pipe when assembling the fountain after cleaning it. Otherwise excellent product.

11. April 15:02

The fountain is very pretty and we use it outdoors on our garden patio where it also serves as a water feature. Our cat took to it straight away. The only downside is that the glaze used seems to easily develop lime scale from our London water. It takes quite a bit of scrubbing to get it off. The pump and pump connection are a little fussy and sometimes after cleaning it takes some giggling around to get the fountain to work, but once its back to flowing out the top it is fine.

06. April 23:58

I love it and so do both my cats

06. April 23:53

The fountain has a lovely design, pleasing to the eye. My cats would have preferred an area large enough where they could drink directly out of the bowl, so I’ve had to remove two of the towers. The lowest setting can still be quite noisy, and the pump randomly stops pumping. But overall, a pretty fountain, more suitable for a one or two cat household. I hope Miaustore will design a bigger fountain for a multi cat household in the future! Thank you

05. April 11:38

My cats drank very little but since having the fountain they drink regularly. It is easy to clean and maintain and looks attractive. It is in my living room and visitors have commented on how good it looks as well as being functional. It was a very good buy

03. April 15:11

Took a bit of getting used to but WE LOVE IT so do our 6 week old kittens stylish & Functional need another one xx

01. April 14:41

The best thing I’ve bought for the cats in a long while! They love it and will only drink this way now! Have had lots of comments from my friends as it is a lovely decorative piece too ! have recommended it to many …a great investment.. I don’t have to worry that my cats aren’t drinking enough water …they totally enjoy it….even the kittens take to it immediately

27. March 16:16

My cat, dog and I love the water fountain It’s stopped me from having to put the kitchen tap on and bathroom thanks

8. March 19:20

The fountains are brilliant. We have two and our 3 cats love them. They hold a lot of water and also look good.

7. March 21:36

We have two cats and they both really liked the fountain as soon as we got it. It looks nice in the conservatory and people have commented on it. It’s quite easy to clean and the water doesn’t have to be replaced as often as a bowl.

2. March 09:56

The fountain is of excellent quality and is very popular with the cats. Very easy to dismantle and reassemble for cleaning. Definitely value for money.

25. February 12:59

I LOVE this fountain and so do both my cats – hey drink much more water since I got the fountain – I would like to have a couple eventually… the service from Miaustore is fantastic particularly the after-sales service is particularly excellent!

15. November 10:29

My Kitty was very happy and only drinks from the fountain

12. November 01:56

Our cats have immediately become attentive to the fountain and love it. Easy to clean and operate. Would order again. We recommend 🙂

11. November 18:25

The drinking fountain was taken by both cats after a few minutes.

The processing is top, the pump is also hardly heard.
In addition, the fountain is really easy to clean.
Really the most beautiful one I have seen so far and also still affordable.

140% Excited and satisfied with the purchase 🙂

25. October 09:19

Very nice and fast delivery. Many Thanks

23. October 19:42

Shipping. Packaging. Customer Service. The best!

Construction: easy to start, worked right away!
Really beautiful fountain!

22. October 13:21

The fountain is visually very beautiful, and also our cats take to it well. Furthermore, it is very quiet

21. October 12:31

Super drinking fountain for small money. Our cats love it. The design corresponds exactly to our expectations.

9. October 21:34

Have used this fountain for a while now and our two cats are still drinking from it. And of course it is also a class design. Definitely recommendable.

Anne Marie 
24. September 23:15

Looks great already. 🙂 thanks

23. September 22:00

The fountain is very nice and works perfectly. Cats like to drink from it. Is unfortunately only a little smaller than it looks in the pictures, so you think it would be a bit bigger..

19. September 18:36

The device is very easy to clean, since it can also be placed in the dishwasher. The cats just drink out of it. It would be nice, however, if there was still a little “rippling noise”.

12. September 11:38

The well does its work, but I have to change the water almost every day. Otherwise, the water foams and our cat does not drink from it any more. So its extremely expensive in terms of cleaning.

11. September 19:04

My cat drinks from the fountain more than before and it’s a beautiful decorational object. I would always buy it again

26 May 11:14

Nothing to complain about, cats have taken to it well. Very quiet as described and a large ceramic bowl, so you do not have to change water daily!

23. April 13:04

My Paula loves her drinking fountain, and it animates her to drink … visually it really stands out… I’m always asked where I got it from. Cleaning every 2 weeks is necessary if it is to run continuously… it runs almost silent, all in all, I and my passion can only recommend it.

22. April 11:16

Prompt delivery, light construction, looks great and was tried by my two kids immediately and was found to be good!

23. February 20:25

The drinking fountain was delivered very fast, was well packaged, my cat loves it

20. February 13:36

Outstanding fountain.

13. February 09:22

My cat loves her fountain

11. February 20:19

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!
The drinking fountain works and is, above all, pleasantly quiet.
Unfortunately, the plug adapter between the pump and the hose has
disappeared through the drain during the last cleaning.
Therefore, I kindly ask you to send me one, if possible two spare adapters
with invoice.
Thank you and best regards

11. February 18:35

Top Top quality, fast delivery and trouble-free purchase! Always a pleasure:)

30. January 16:27

Super fast shipping – TOP! The well was packed so well that I had difficulty removing the Styrofoam. 🙂
I am very happy with the workmanship and especially with the look. The fountain is in my living room and looks really slick :)My cats love it… The idea with the dish for cat grass I found great – but I had quite a nightmare when it comes to the grass – my cat left half the living room underwater because he just pulled half of the grass out. Since the cat grass is separate again I have no more problems.
The pump is very quiet (even if you do not “pinch” it).
I can only say that I can recommend this fountain to anyone who wants to do something good for their darlings!

11. January 22:22

Super drinking fountain. The cats like to drink from it!

3. January 11:36

Our two maine coonies love the cat fountain, but sometimes it is difficult to reconnect the pump after cleaning.

16. December 15:44

A great product. Well designed.
I really hope that my cats get used to the new drinking experience..

3. December 11:50

The drinking fountain is great.
Very easy to clean and totally fits with our visual taste.
Would buy it again anytime.

25. November 07:13

Good workmanship, quickly fits together.
The cats accepted it immediately.
I am very satisfied.

23. November 15:28

The fountain is very beautiful and fulfils its purpose perfectly. I see my ravages drinking more often. The only downside is that the three “pillars” are not “slip-resistant”. The cats are always against it and causing a small flood. Otherwise top!

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