Cat drink from the faucet

why does my cat drink from the faucet?

Why does my cat drink from the faucet and prefer it to his bowl?

Have you often wondered why does your cat drink from the faucet more easily than the water in his little bowl? There are many reasons, but it’s totally natural. But what are the reasons for such strange behaviour? How can you teach your companion to stop drinking from the tap?

Why does my cat drink water at the tap?

wild cat in desert The behaviour of a cat who drinks directly from the faucet was attributed, in large part, to the genetic inheritance of its predecessor. Natural selection meant that the ancestors of the current cat, who preferred moving water (cleaner) to stagnant water, remained healthy. They were able to reproduce and transmit their genes. Moreover, the desert origins of this feline mean that he is used to drawing water from his food and his environment. So, some splashes of water in his mouth can suffice him. Indeed, by its playful temperament, trying to catch a trickle of water or a drop of water falling from the tap is a fun game for your cat. It is also important to remember that the cat is basically a suspicious animal. He avoids the water of the bowl if his master forgets to change it. Also if it is full of dust and pieces of food or if the container is rarely washed. There are also cats that do not support the smell of detergents and plastic bowls. In addition to the behavioural point of view, cats prefer to drink at the tap especially in summer. This is one of the ways they use to wet their noses and paws. Their goal is to cool off a little when the heat becomes drink from the faucet However, if your cat only drinks at the tap, tolerate this behaviour for a certain amount of time as he needs to drink. Indeed, a cat who sulks due to his bowl is a bad thing. He may try to drink the water in the toilet and therefore risk becoming intoxicated with WC products. This is dangerous for the animal. It can also be stressful for the owner, unless you know what to do when a cat vomits and no longer eats.

How to convince your cat to stop drinking at the tap?

A cat who drinks from the faucet can become problematic. Especially since it is easier and easier for felines to open modern taps by themselves. However, there are some things you can do to convince your cat to drink in a bowl:
  • Change container:

A glass or ceramic bowl, light in colour, shallow and with a large diameter can convince your cat to give up drinking water at the tap. Indeed, in nature, the cat chooses to drink in shallow waters that hide no potential danger.
  • Monitor the water temperature:

In the summer or when the heating of the house is set, there is nothing better than giving a little fresh water to your cat. During the night, consider adding a small ice cube to cool the water and stimulate your pet to drink.
  • Keep water away from food:

Your cat might be picky about the idea that his bowl of water is close to his bowl or litter box. Indeed, even domesticated, the cat has kept the ancestral habit not to drink water that is close to its prey.
  • Keep your bowl clean:
It’s not enough to change the water daily. You should also wash the bowl at least once a week and do not use too much scented dishwashing liquid. To clean the bowls, it is best to use neutral detergents such as black soap or olive oil soap. cat drink from the faucet However, the best solution to stop them from drinking from the tap is to provide them with a separate continuous source of fresh water by installing a cat fountain at home. These fountains combine the comfort of a container with the cleanliness of running water. They can change the behaviour of your little cat in no time. There are many varieties of fountains on the market that run water on an incline or cascade water to keep the water clean and uncluttered. In addition, these fountains are quiet and require less maintenance than an ordinary bowl. You appreciate the concept, your companion will surely love it!