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My Cat Goes To The Bathroom Often

Your Cat Goes To The Bathroom Often – Want To Know Why?

Firstly, you need to differentiate, whether only urine, only stool or both are effecting the cat. The two organ systems rarely fall ill together. They are prone to very different diseases. If your cat goes to the bathroom often but nothing comes out, this could be due to various reasons. However, this is a separate issue altogether and can be read about here. Whereas, if he or she is constantly urinating or passing faeces it is best to keep reading this article.
Cat Goes To The Bathroom Often

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Frequent Urination

Basically, there are two possible causes for this – diabetes mellitus or cystitis. In diabetes mellitus, there is a high concentration of sugar in the blood. As a result, the body extracts more water from the food. This makes the cats thirsty and subsequently drink more often. This then causes more liquid to pass through the body system. That’s why diabetic cats often rush to the bathroom. We recommend that you take your cat to a vet immediately incase he/she has diabetes and needs a blood test. This test involves taking a drop of blood and tests the concentration of glucose by means of a glucometer. If the level is above 180 mg / dl, this indicates diabetes. The vet will give treatment in the form of insulin or a strict diet, depending on the type of diabetes. Cystitis also causes frequent urination. Anyone who has experienced this before knows what we are talking about. The reason for this is that the mucous membrane is permanently irritated. This means the nerve endings send permanent signals that the bladder is filled, even if this is not true. You should treat bladder infections early with antibiotics! Under certain circumstances, your cat can also suffer from severe pain, so it is best to see a vet immediately. The sooner you recognise cystitis, the easier it will be to treat it. This saves pain for the cat and costs for the owner. cat and litter box


When a cat goes to the bathroom often and frequently drops stool, it is most commonly due to diarrhoea. Diarrhoea unfortunately has many causes. It can be parasites, poisoning, intolerance, a food allergy, electrolyte disturbances and much more. If your cat’s diarrhoea lasts over 48 hours, take him to the veterinarian. This depends on severity, as if the situation seems serious then it may be sensible to go even earlier. Because cats do not drink much, but lose water through the diarrhoea. This can lead to dangerous form of dehydration. To protect against dehydration, we recommend a cat fountain, preferably made from ceramic.