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Cat Pregnancy Diet – What To Feed A Pregnant Cat

What is the best cat pregnancy diet? In other words: what food should you serve your pregnant cat?

parent wondering what to feed a pregnant catKnowing what to feed a pregnant cat is difficult, however the most important thing to bare in mind is that your kitty needs more calories. Yes, all that we people want to avoid is good for you cat – right now. More calcium and protein are recommended too. She needs the extra energy and it will produce healthy large kittens. However, it’s too simple to give your kitty more of the same food she normally gets. A much better solution is… kitten food! Yes, the same you plan to give your kittens later, is good for their mom when she’s still expecting. Kitten food has more calcium, fat and protein than normal cat food, making this an almost inevitable choice if you want to take good care of your cat. You can buy it from your local pet store or order it online. cat and kittenThis doesn’t mean you should ban normal food from the cat pregnancy diet. Recommended brands for what to feed a pregnant cat are Eukanuba and Royal Canin. The best way to give it is by mixing it. Gradually start mixing your cat’s regular food with kitten food. Also increase the number of meals. Small frequent meals are better than one or two big dishes a day. In the later stages of cat pregnancy she should eat two times the amount she ate before she got pregnant. Tip: one breeder I spoke told me you should not buy food with corn as the number one ingredient. Chicken is a better choice. Many breeders advise to give her a vitamin plus mineral supplement to complete the cat pregnancy diet. There is milk available with these supplements. Serve it, but don’t overdo it – many cats have problems with milk. You might also be interested in: My Cat Only Had One Kitten