1. Pump

The Jutai pump’s superior design in the best pump in the market for food safe material

It’s design ensures that the pump does not waste any power and the power consumed by this pump is minimum. Regular pumps have one or more points where the water must bend and these spots often collect food hair and dirt particles and damage the pump. However the path through which water flows through the Jutai pump (inlet and outlet) is a straight line

The lifespan of the 47mA (DC 5v) usb pump is 20,000 hours and this purchase comes with a 2 year guarantee, meaning we will replace all pumps if they stop working within the first 2 years.

The noise level of the Jutai pump us very low and to increase the lifespan it’s recommended to be used together with a motion sensor

For detailed maintenance of the pump, please see Pump Maintenance

Add Pump for £11.90

Replacement pump delivery time: 3 weeks

2. Motion sensor

If you decide on a motion activated version, your fountain will only run when your cat comes close to it, thanks to a motion sensor.

As soon as the cat comes within a range of 1.5 meters, the fountain turns on, and then it turns back off after your cat walks away. This motion sensor saves electricity and makes the fountain even more interactive and fun for your cat by grabbing it’s attention.

The continuous version runs constantly, as long as the fountain is plugged in.

Add motion sensor for £13.90