Cat breath

My Cat Has Bad Breath

If you cat has bad breath it could simply be because he has just eaten unpleasant smelling cat food for us humans, or had fish for lunch. This leads to a smell lingering in their mouth afterwards. However, if the smell is there and he has not eaten or the smell remains for several days, there could be a health problem.

When a cat has bad breath it can be due to several reasons

Dental Problems

The most common cause is bad teeth and gingivitis. Since many cats only eat wet food, the plaque does not rub off, it stinks and irritates the gums (even causing bleeding!). Tartar should be removed regularly by the veterinarian, at the latest when bleeding occurs again and again. In addition, if there are infections with bacteria, the evil smell should not be surprising. Cat Has Bad Breath


Let’s go a little deeper. The throat can also be inflames, usually due to tonsilitis. Here, too, pathogens that produce pus can settle – this smells accordingly. Often, if you see reddened mucous membranes in the depth, the animal should be treated with antibiotics.


In addition, the entire digestive tract could have issues. Inflammations in the stomach or intestines can send their odors up to the mouth. Here it is important to consider whether incompatibilities exist, especially when you change their food.

Disposal Issues

Last but not least, there may be a disposal problem. Organs such as the kidney and liver ensure that waste products find their way out of the body. If this does not work properly, the “waste” accumulates in the blood and escapes into the air via the mucous membranes. Therefore, if the halitosis persists for a long time, the doctor will order a blood test without problems with the teeth or the digestive organs in order to rule out diseases of the kidneys or the liver.Unwell Cat How can you prevent halitosis in the cat? Just like humans, a cat has bad breath when she does not drink enough. But cats are very picky about their source of water. Cats prefer to drink running water because it smells better and fresher. A corresponding drinking fountain can be bought from us in the online store. In addition to running water, you should offer your cat a certain amount of dry food. The hard ingredients rub off the plaque, causing no pathogens to settle on the teeth. But do not overdo it – dry food has a high energy density and can lead to obesity. Treats with tooth-care properties or catnip which covers the bad smell are beneficial Dental care is often difficult for the small beasts. If your cat pleases you, special toothbrushes and pastes will help against dental plaque and bad breath. At the same time, you can control whether you notice any changes. If you run the risk of losing your eyes while checking your cat’s mouth, you can confidently leave that to the veterinarian. The visit of the mouth is part of every routine examination.