Cats show their pain like this

My Cat Is Struggling To Urinate

“My cat goes to the toilet, but nothing comes out!”

She often runs to her litter tray, but your cat is struggling to urinate successfully recently? Quick to the vet! A few different issues could suggest this change in toilet habits and capabilities.

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Struggling to Urinate:

Bladder Stones

Especially with males it can often happen that nutritionally caused urinary stones clog the narrow urethra. The animals then feel a strong urge to urine, however nothing will pass out of their bodies. The abdomen is tense and painful, possibly the animal is crying while trying to urinate. Bladder stones are a serious condition and must be treated immediately! In addition, irritation of the mucous membrane can lead to secondary infections by dangerous pathogens. This can happen if the cat does not drink enough. That is why it is really important to provide your pet with a fresh, flowing and most importantly inviting water source in your home. It may be a good idea to invest in a  water fountain for cats.

diagram of feline

Inflammation of the Mucous Membranes

Again, especially the male is affected. Swelling of the mucous membranes can block the narrow corridor of the urethra. The causes may be due to bladder stones (as mentioned above). These stones cause small scratches in the “pass by”, as well as infections. You must always treat inflammations of the mucous membranes with antibiotics. It is really important to take your cat to the vet if you suspect any form of inflammation as, if you leave it, it could  worsen, causing your pet in serious pain.

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease

In males, the most common cause of urinary dysfunction is FLUTD, which stands for feline lower urinary tract disease. This involves disease in the urinary bladder and urethra (the tube that transports urine from the bladder to leave the body. A diverse range of potential causes lead to FLUTD, including bladder stones, bladder infection, interstitial cystitis and urethral obstruction. If the animal needs a scan, try to take a urine sample and have an X-ray just to be safe. You cannot take risks with sorting these issues out and must have frequent check ups for your kitty.
Cat Is Struggling To Urinate in his box

This cat is struggling to urinate in his litter box

Sadly, inappropriate urination often leads to owners giving up their pets. Many of these owners will be unaware that their cat is simply just in pain and is not being mischievous. As a result many cats end up in shelters where they are subsequently euthanised if unwanted. This demonstrates the importance and responsibility that owners have in recognising a change in their pets behaviour and figuring out the issue before its too late.