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Kitten keeps meowing in the garden

Why Is My Kitten Meowing?

Meow. A kitten’s meow is one of the cutest, most adorable sounds you will ever hear! Kittens meow for a ...
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Cat drink from the faucet

why does my cat drink from the faucet?

Why does my cat drink from the faucet and prefer it to his bowl? Have you often wondered why does ...
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What does it mean when your cat licks you?

What Does It Mean When A Cat Licks You?

Almost every cat parent has experienced this, kitty snuggling close and the cat licks their human! Some of us lovingly ...
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This cat doesn't look happy

Is My Cat Happy? Signs And Care

Cats are the masters of the poker face. They usually have that impassive expression on their adorable little faces when ...
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cat drinking milk

Do Cats Like Milk?

Few things are more adorable than a photo of a cat happily lapping a bowl of milk. But do cats ...
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Cat squiting one eye

My Cat Is Squinting One Eye

Ever wondered why your cat is squinting one eye? Squinting or keeping the eye partially closed is one of the ...
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Tabby cat needs discipline as he's naughty

8 Proven Ways to Discipline Your Cat

One of the most unmistakable things you are soon to find out as cat parents is that these pets can ...
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cat wearing collar

Cats and Collars: Is It Responsible Pet Ownership?

Are Cats and Collars a Sensible Combination? Placing a collar on a pet is, in theory, a form of responsible ...
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My Cat Sticks Out His Tongue - Why?

My Cat Sticks Out His Tongue – Why?

My cat sticks out his tongue and I would like to know why. I worry it could be related to ...
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Cat licking itself

My Cat Vomited a Hairball: Understanding Cats and Hairballs

Some things are naturally pleasant together…wine and cheese, roses and chocolates, cats and hairballs… come again? Cats and hairballs — ...
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cat in box

How To Move House With A Cat

Cats can be very territorial, so when you move house with a cat, it can make them feel very unsettled ...
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Down syndrome cat

Is Down Syndrome In Cats Common?

Down syndrome in cats Like in humans, Down syndrome in cats is possible. This disease is a genetic anomaly that ...
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sad cat

Cats Can Be Bipolar – True Or False?

Often owners will ask themselves if it is possible that cats can be bipolar. Behavioural disorders in some cats are ...
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Cats show their pain like this

My Cat Is Struggling To Urinate

“My cat goes to the toilet, but nothing comes out!” She often runs to her litter tray, but your cat ...
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Cat in litter tray

My Cat Goes To The Bathroom Often

Your Cat Goes To The Bathroom Often – Want To Know Why? Firstly, you need to differentiate, whether only urine, ...
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Cat breath

My Cat Has Bad Breath

If you cat has bad breath it could simply be because he has just eaten unpleasant smelling cat food for ...
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sleeping pet

My cat has cold ears – harmless cause or serious illness?

My cat has cold ears and I want to know why… Many pet parents wonder why their cat has cold ears ...
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Cat choking

My Cat is Moaning and Choking – 5 Reasons Why

If your cat is moaning and choking you should be aware that this is fairly uncommon behaviour. Serious issues may ...
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Cat and dog love each other

My Dog Is Scared of Cats

I have a dog called Bailey. He’s a lurcher, which is a crossbreed of the “sighthound” type. Sighthounds tend to ...
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cat spayed

How does my cat’s behaviour change after castration?

A cat’s behaviour change after castration is widely expected and acknowledged amongst pet owners. Castration is a short-term, as well ...
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fat cat

My Kitten Wants To Eat All The Time

It is so endearing to watch a kitten with a healthy appetite gulping down its food. Or even when it ...
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cat eating grass

My Cat Eats Grass But Doesn’t Throw Up

If you have a cat who you allow to go outdoors occasionally you will have noticed that he will chew ...
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cat threw up

My Cat Threw Up Water

If your cat threw up water and you want to know why then you have come to the right place ...
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cat disappeared in house

My Cat Disappeared In My House

My cat disappeared in my house… Again! Cats are lovely but frustrating pets. It has been a few days since ...
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Fat cat with a lot of food

My Cat Won’t Eat And Has Trouble Walking

Loss of appetite is one of the earliest signs that something is not right with your cat. Sometimes a cat ...
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How to tell if your cat is plotting to kill you

My Cat Doesn’t Love Me Anymore

“My cat doesn’t love me anymore” is said way too often amongst pet owners across the world. We have received ...
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Cat drooling

My Cat Drools When She Sleeps

When a cat drools when she sleeps she may look adorable but pet parents should see this as a warning ...
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cat doesn't want dry food

My Cat Refuses To Eat Dry Food

Your cat has turned her nose up yet again at the dry kibbles you placed on the bowl and you ...
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My Cat Keeps Eating Flies

My Cat Keeps Eating Flies

We may term pet cats as “domesticated companion animals” but deep inside that little frame is the big heart of ...
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cat wont eat after being spayed

My Cat Won’t Eat After Being Spayed

My cat won’t eat after being spayed! You have prepared a grand welcome home surprise for your cat. After all, ...
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My Cat Has Worms and I'm Pregnant

My Cat Has Worms and I’m Pregnant

“My cat has worms and I’m pregnant… What should I do?” Pregnancy should be a blissful life event for cat-moms ...
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Why Does My Cat Eat Human Food?

Why Does My Cat Eat Human Food?

Cat food critic takes his job very seriously and tries human food Imagine settling down for a cosy, warm meal ...
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clingy cat

My Cat Won’t Leave Me Alone

My cat Kirina gave birth to five kittens, among them two boys both with the Siamese seal-point colour pattern. I ...
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Cat and its kitten

Your Cat is Pregnant? – Read the FAQ!

Your cat is pregnant and you need more information? Look down for questions and answers. Here’s a list of frequently ...
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Cute cat couple

What Happens When There Are Two Cats Mating?

Ever heard two cats mating? If so, you’ll never forget the frightening call of the queen when the tom penetrates ...
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Pregnant cat

False Pregnancy in Cats – Is Your Kitty Really Pregnant?

Does False Pregnancy in Cats Occur? False pregnancy in cats. Although more common in dogs, there are also felines showing ...
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Kittens nursing from mum

Cat Pregnancy Diet – What To Feed A Pregnant Cat

What is the best cat pregnancy diet? In other words: what food should you serve your pregnant cat? Knowing what ...
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Cat and kitten

My Cat Only Had One Kitten

It was a most anticipated moment. Kitcat, our Siamese, after making us wait for six long years to have kittens ...
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Cat playing with rubber ball

My Cat Ate a Rubber Band

A few days ago while I had my nose buried in paperwork, a “pling-pling-pling” sound coming from behind me caught ...
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cat ate a piece of plastic

My Cat Ate a Piece of Plastic

Plastics are up there in the list of fascinating “must-eat” items for a good number of cats. In my case, ...
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cat ate styrofoam

My Cat Ate Styrofoam

The first time I mistakenly left a styrofoam board lying around, my cats took it for a scratching board. They ...
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Cat eats paper

My Cat Ate Paper. What Should I Do?

It is always the dog that gets the blame. In my approximately 10 years as a teacher, I have never ...
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