Customisation of your Cat Water Fountain

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1. Mode of operation

If you chose the motion activated version your fountain will only run when your cat comes close to it, thanks to a motion sensor.
As soon as the cat comes within a range of 1.5 meters, the fountain turns on, and then it turns back off after your cat walks away. This motion sensor saves electricity and makes the fountain even more interactive and fun for your cat.

The continuous version runs constantly, as long as the fountain is plugged in.

Motion activated


2. Cat grass cup with cat grass kit

-Matching Ceramic Cup
-Bag of fast growing cat grass seeds(barley)
-Bag of organic soil

Whatever colour you chose for your fountain, we will send you a matching cup with the same glaze.
The cup perfectly fits into the fountain.
The cat grass grows to a significant size within just 3-5 days after planting.
Cats love cat grass cause it helps with their digestion.

No, don’t include this
Yes, include the cup and cat grass kit


3. Warranty

Standard warranty(included for free with every fountain) Extended 10 year warranty
Satisfaction Guarantee: Full refund if you or your cat doesn’t like the fountain Up to 1 Year Up to 1 Year
Free replacements if the pump stops working or something breaks Up to 2 Years Up to 10 years
Standard Warranty
Extended warranty with unlimited
free replacement parts for 10 years


4. Accessories

Waterproof silicone mat(£18.90)
-Keeps the floor clean
-Avoids scratches if you move the fountain around
-Absorbs vibrations or sound
-Perfect size for the fountain
-Fluffy texture where cats like to scratch their nails
-Dimensions:37x45x0.7cm weight:350grams

Matching ceramic food bowl(£18.90) Made out of the same high quality ceramic like the fountain, these bowls have a unique whisker friendly design that cats love.

Unlike traditional bowls, where cats can’t reach the food on the sides because of the steep edges, our bowl has a perfect, parabolic shape that allows your cat to reach all the food without irritating the sensitive whiskers. And the ceramic material makes it much easier to keep clean than plastic bowls.


Quantity: Colour: Blue


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