1. Miaustore Cat Food

Miaustore’s freeze dried cat food is simply fresh, organic, free range meat, with the water evaporated. There is no grain based filler material in it, no starch, no preservative, no artificial flavor. Only fresh meat, plus 3% ground peas and lettuce, and 1% ground eggshells for calcium and bone strength. The meat with those extra ingredients gets rolled into small meatballs and frozen. Then it gets dried in a process called “Freeze drying”. This technique preserves all the original nutrients, but creates dry food pieces that have a 12 month shelf life. For the first time ever, this makes it possible to have fresh, healthy, meat-based, dry cat food.

  • Help your cat grow softer, healthier fur
  • Overweight cats lose weight, and skinny cats gain weight and become stronger
  • Cats produce 2 to 3 times less poop
Add Cat Food for £27.49 monthly

Bag of 1.5lbs

2. Tofu Clay Litter

Most cat litter is unnatural. It is full of artificial clumping agents, colors and other chemicals. Miaustore’s tofu litter only has 2 ingredients: natural clay and natural tofu.
There are no chemical clumping agents in it, no artificial coloring agents, no artificial odors. 

Miaustores Tofu Cat Litter absorbs 1.5 times better than commercial clay based litter Because it absorbs better, you need to buy less cat litter, and don’t need to change it as often.

Tofu naturally eliminates smell
83% of our customers report that our tofu cat litter takes noticeably longer before it starts smelling.

The pellets never stick to paws
The size of our litter pellets is big enough that it can’t stick between your cats toes. And the natural surface structure of this tofu doesn’t stick to anything, even when it’s wet. This guarantees that the litter never leaves the Litter Box and creates a mess.

Add Tofu Clay Litter for £17.90 monthly

Pack of 18 lbs