Terms and conditions for Miaustore

On this page you will find the general conditions of https://www.miaustore.com/uk, as made available by the legal business Miaustore S.L trading as Miaustore . In these general conditions we indicate under which reservation we offer the information on our website to you.  

Intellectual property

The use of the information on this website is free as long as you do not copy, distribute or otherwise use or misuse this information. You may only re-use the information on this website according to the regulations of mandatory law. Without the express written permission of Miaustore it is not allowed to reuse text, photo material or other materials on this website. The intellectual property belongs to Miaustore.   If applicable: For the prices on our website, we strive for the most accurate representation of reality and the intended prices. Errors that arise and are recognisable as programming or typing errors never form a reason to claim or assume a contract or agreement with Miaustore. Miaustore strives for a website that is as current as possible. If, in spite of these efforts, the information or content on this website is incomplete and / or incorrect, we can not accept any liability for this. The information and / or products on this website are offered without any form of guarantee and / or claim to correctness. We reserve the right to change, remove or re-install these materials without prior notice. Miaustore accepts no liability for any information contained on websites to which we refer via hyperlinks.

Colour differences

Every single fountain is made by hand, so it happens from time to time that a fountain is not exactly the same color as seen on our website. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this and we do apologize. Each of our fountains are uniquely handcrafted. The fountains with patterns such as harlequin, galaxy and walnut are particularly affected by these irregularities.

  In the baking process, a fountain is not baked as a whole.

The ceramic mixture is poured into the appropriate hand crafted moulds for each tower , it is then allowed to dry naturally, after that a coating of ceramic glaze is applied and fired at high temperatures.

The base is produced in two steps. First the mixture is poured into a handmade moulds  and it is baked, in the second step the bases are sculpted by hand until the desired shape is achieved and then it is glazed and fired again.

Due to the double step the bases are fired at different temperatures than the towers.Because it is not possible to bake a fountain as a whole, sometimes color differences occour. These are due to the fact that the towers that are closer to the edge of the kiln get more heat in the oven and therefore appear a little brighter than the rest of the towers.

Once the fountain has been assembled as a whole, there may be a slight difference in color. We apologize for any inconvenience. You get a high quality product and a unique piece.

In addition to this, the fountain colour pigments are mixed by hand so small differences in colour may arise. We do not give refunds if the request is due to differences in colour.


If these general conditions change, you will find the most recent version of the disclaimer of https://www.miaustore.com/uk on this page. General Return Guideline Please contact us at support@miaustore.com to sending any returns back to us The returns process may take up to 2 weeks, not including shipping times. You are responsible for return shipping costs that are not related to reclamations.  

Returns Policy

Please, don’t send your order back to the manufacturer.

14 Day Return Policy

Under EU law every customer has the right to cancel any order within 14 days of receiving the any product.

To be eligible for a return, your item must be in the same condition that you received it and with the original packaging.

To return your product, please contact us at support@miaustore.com.

You will be responsible for shipping costs.

Please, in case of returns ship your order to


Miaustore SL
c/o B-Logic Services BV
De Corantijn 19
1689 AN Zwaag


1 year return policy

You can send the cat fountain back within 1 year and get the purchase price of the fountain back, if your cat does not drink from it or if you are otherwise somehow dissatisfied. Your item must be in the same condition that you received it and with the original packaging.

You will be responsible for shipping costs. Please restrain from sending any further products than the fountain back to our warehouse. If you send back other products, we cannot take them into account and you might have to pay the full return costs if you want these products to be sent back. There is no refund for customized items like the engraving of the fountain.

To return your product, please contact us at support@miaustore.com.

The same guarantee applies to all other promises: simple cleaning, high quality, easy refilling, safety etc. Customer pays the direct costs of returning the goods.

An assignment of the acceptance guarantee to third parties is excluded.

*The 2 year warranty cover damage parts of the pump by showing a picture of the broken part. If any part is lost or thrown away it is always possible to purchase spare pump parts on the website.  

10 year guarantee

You can purchase the extended guarantee of 10 (ten) years with the fountain or up to 14 days after the date of purchase.
A photo of the product is required when you claim there is a fault/damage with the product. The 10 year guarantee only applies to one fountain. This will be counted as the first (eligible) fountain bought unless you clarify to us otherwise in writing.

From the day of purchase, this guarantee covers free delivery to you , including the following:
– One cat water fountain
– If you have more than one fountain you will need to purchase separate 10 year guarantees
– Water pump
– Plastic top, silicone connecting tube and pump connector
– USB adapter

The guarantee does not apply to:
Ceramic fractures after 6 months (as well as no replacement for ceramic fractures that do not restrict the use of the well, e.g. chipping, damage to the ceramic, so-called blemishes)
– Negligent or deliberate damage to:
  The fountain, Water pump, Plastic top, silicone connecting tube and pump connector, USB adapter 
– Additional products you have purchased from Miaustore.com
– Statutory guarantees
– Color change due to lime deposits
– We do not replace pumps that are not opened and serviced in accordance with our pump cleaning instructions
– Engraved ceramic. If you want to have your base engraved again, you would have to pay additional £26.90

An assignment of the 10-year guarantee to third parties is excluded.
Using filtered water can help to maintain the pump for maximum efficiency. Unfiltered, calcareous water can cause damage to the pump motor and limit years of use.


Limescale damages the pump

Proper care and cleaning can prevent this. Tap water is calcareous. Some zones are less exposed, others are more heavily loaded with lime. If you use hard water to start the fountain, sooner or later the pump will stop working because the spaces between the pump and the rotor are calcified. At this point, we expressly recommend the use of still water from the bottle or at least filtering the tap water beforehand. You can use vinegar or lemon to clean the pump and remove lime and other minerals. If the pump has stopped working, these tips will help to get the pump running again (for black pumps please contact support@miaustore.com for further tips).