cat water fountain

The Advantages of the Miaustore Cat Fountain

Miaustore’s Water Fountain Fits Perfectly Any Room In The House

A chic, modern appearance

Placing multiple drinking stations throughout the house is a good idea. This makes it easy for your cat to access their water. It is therefore a plus when your fountain has a classy, beautiful, modern design that comes in different colours to complement the decor in whichever room you wish to place it. The Miaustore cat fountain comes in a variety of colours and a stylish sophisticated look with rounded edges for a more relaxed vibe. Miaustore cat fountain and cat grass

It has a quiet motor pump

A fountain with a quiet motor pump is a plus so it can be placed in either the living room or the bedroom without the disruptive sound of the motor running. A quiet motor is also an advantage so that it will not spook a nervous cat from going near the fountain and drinking. Miaustore’s water fountain has a gentle splashing sound which attracts cats’ attention and piques their curiosity without scaring them.

Miaustore’s Water Fountain Has Superior Functionality

It has a stable design

Miaustore’s fountain is made of heavy ceramic material making it difficult to topple over even by frisky kittens and rambunctious adult cats. The square design of the fountain offers a broad base that lends added stability.

The design offers ease of drinking for your cat and motivates them to drink more

Miaustore’s water fountain has three wide square drinking areas that fully fill with moving water to the brim. This design helps the cats see the water level better making them more confident and encouraging them to drink more. The wide water pools are a definite advantage for wide-faced breeds like the Persians allowing them to drink more comfortably. Since the water pools fill to the top, this allows cats to drink from the top of the bowl without their whiskers or faces getting wet. A happy hydrated cat! Wide pools also provide a larger surface area for mixing of the flowing water with oxygen. This keeps water fresh and better tasting. Our water fountain has a multilevel design having bowls at different heights. This is good for senior, arthritic cats as they need not crouch to be able to drink. Multilevel water pools also gives a cat a choice where to drink and is good for a multi-cat household allowing them all to drink at the same time.

The fountain’s design offers a variety of water flow that caters to different cat personalities with different preferences

Our fountain has a unique design that combines three swirling pools of water with three mini waterfalls. This is ideal because different cats have different personalities and preferences. Some cats like to drink from bubbly whirlpools while others insist on drinking only from a free falling water stream. The design of the fountain also allows you to adjust water flow. This is a plus as some cats love drinking from fast flowing water while others become nervous of strong flows and prefer to drink from trickles like that of a dripping faucet. The fountain of ceramic material keeps water cool and the pot for cat grass on the side helps to attract the cat’s attention.

The Miaustore Cat Fountain Conforms To Hygiene, Safety and Durability Standards

It is durable, scratch-proof and hygienic

The Miaustore fountain is made from sturdy and durable ceramic material that is resistant to scratches. Without nicks on the surface, there are no nooks for bacteria to thrive making the fountain exceptionally hygienic. Ceramic material is stain and rust resistant. It also does not retain odours, therefore with proper care, the fountain can last for years.

It is dishwasher safe, easy and convenient to clean and set up

The Miaustore cat water fountain is very convenient to use. You simply change the water of the bowl every few days. Every one to two months you should also disassemble the fountain to clean the parts. The product comes with a video guide that explains its structure and use step-by-step making it easy to assemble and disassemble. The disassembled parts of the fountain fit easily into the dishwasher. They can also withstand the heated water making them dishwasher safe.

It’s food safe

Miaustore’s fountains are handmade and fired at 1200 degrees under the same process and standards used in making ceramic tableware for humans thereby ensuring they are food safe. Check out the Miaustore cat fountain and see why it is a cut above the rest. It is beautiful, hygienic, functional, safe to use and lasts a long time. It will encourage your cat to drink more, contributing to a healthy urinary system and general well-being of your pet. Cat water fountain