Motivates cats to drink
Miaustore’s water fountain has three wide square drinking areas that fully fill with moving water to the brim. This design helps the cats see the water level better making them more confident and encouraging them to drink more. The wide water pools are a definite advantage for wide-faced breeds like the Persians allowing them to drink more comfortably. Since the water pools fill to the top, this allows cats to drink from the top of the bowl without their whiskers or faces getting wet.
Wide pools also provide a larger surface area for mixing of the flowing water with oxygen. This keeps water fresh and better tasting. Our water fountain has a multilevel design having bowls at different heights. This is good for senior, arthritic cats as they need not crouch to be able to drink. Multilevel water pools also gives a cat a choice where to drink and is good for a multi-cat household allowing them all to drink at the same time.
Dr. Rachel PO
Prevents kideny failure
Miaustore water fountains are ideal for households with one or more cats. Its ceramic material is ideal for keeping the water at a perfect temperature. Ideal to stimulate the consumption of water in older cats, which is of vital importance to prevent and / or stop kidney failure ..., unfortunately quite frequent pathology.
Dr. Maria del Carmen Vicente
Veterinarian, Col.num.2.170(BCN)
Motivates cats to drink
We, the veterinary practice C. Grille, have been using the cat fountain from for over a year. In the beginning our cat found it quite difficult to drink anything at all. We then came across the said cat fountain and ordered this decorative ceramic fountain for our cat. The delivery time was manageable and shipping was just as easy. Since cats are more likely to drink running water than standing, we hoped for this positive effect from the cat fountain. For the first few days, the fountain was dismissed as a good play opportunity to splash something into the water with the paws. But after that our cat sat in front of the water fountain and drank. Due to the different tower heights, the cat also observes the course of the water very closely and is fascinated by it. The workmanship of the cat fountain is very good, and since it is made of ceramic, the material is also 100% non-toxic for cats. We would recommend this cat fountain to anyone whose cat doesn't like to drink the water from the bowl either.
TAP Grille
Ceramic water fountains are more beneficial
We recommend using Miaustore water fountains to encourage water consumption and prevent kidney disease in cats of any age, especially those older than 7 years in which this pathology is very common. Being ceramic, it is more hygienic, easy to clean and keeps the water at an optimal temperature. Unlike plastic or aluminum fountains in which salt water could cause corrosion, in these types of fountains the water can be mixed with sea water, especially beneficial and recommended in animals with kidney disease. It is also very useful in homes where there is more than one cat.
Veterinaria Natural Alma Vegana SL.
Stimulates cats to drink
I really like the Miaustore waterfountain. It is easy to clean, doesn't need a filter (as many other fountains do) and it also looks great. And most of all, cats really like to drink from it. Cats are prone to dehydration with medical issues as a consequence (cystitis, kidneydisease, obstipation). As a veterinarian I cannot state more that we have to stimulate cats to drink and using a waterfountain like the Miaustore fountain is of great help.
Sonja van Straten
Veterinarian and Cat Behaviourist
Stimulates cats to drink
As a behavioral therapist for cats, I often visit people's homes. I often see the food bowl and a bowl with water next to each other in the kitchen and I am told that the cat never actually drinks from the water. I always recommend making several watering holes in the house with at least one fountain. For my cats I have chosen the drinking fountain from Miaustore. This fountain is ideal for both younger and older cats because there are different drinking heights. Because the fountain is made of ceramic material, it can also be cleaned well and can even be put in the dishwasher. In addition, the fountain makes little noise and no expensive water filters are needed. I have only received positive reactions to this fountain from my customers. The Miaustore drinking fountain is highly recommended!
Coby Malogrino
Cat Behaviourist