Eine Katze alleine halten

Eine Katze alleine halten

Wenn man sich eine Katze als Gefährten holen möchte, stellt sich zuerst die Frage, ob man sich eine oder doch gleich zwei Katzen holen sollte. Eine Katze alleine halten bedeutet, sich sehr intensiv mit dem Thema auseinanderzusetzen. Es gibt viele Argumente die für und auch gegen eine Einzelhaltung sprechen. Natürlich ist es auch möglich sich einen Artgenossen für eine bereits vorhandene Katze zu holen. Selbstverständlich kann man auch eine Freundschaft zwischen verschiedenen Tierarten aufbauen. Wenn man an Hunde denkt, kommt einem sofort der Rudelgedanke. Bei Katzen geht man allerdings automatisch davon aus, dass es sich bei dieser Art um Einzelgänger handelt. So kommen einem direkt Bilder von Tigern, die alleine jagen oder erbitterten Revierkämpfen in den Sinn. Daher denken viele, dass man eine Katze alleine halten sollte.Es ist zutreffend, dass viele Wildkatzenarten wie der Serval oder auch der Ozelot reine Einzelgänger sind. Auch die Vorfahrin unserer Samtpfoten, die afrikanische Wild- oder Falbkatze, ist zumeist alleine unterwegs. Die domestizierten Katzen haben viel, aber nicht alles, von ihren Vorfahren geerbt.Dass Katzen die Beutejagt normalerweise alleine ausleben, heißt nicht, dass sie reine Einzelgänger sind. So putzen sich Katzen beispielsweise gegenseitig, kuscheln oder spielen miteinander. Sie leisten sich auch Gesellschaft, wenn ihre Besitzer nicht zu Hause sind.

Auch Katzen haben Präferenzen

In cats, just as in humans, there are individual differences in terms of social behavior and needs. This gave rise to the definition of “facultative social”. This means that cats can live well with fellow species, but do not necessarily have to. The most important thing here is whether it is a house cat or a free litter. Freelancers have the opportunity to find social contacts themselves. In this case, keeping them alone is not a problem, since the free access also provides the necessary employment. So you can keep free people alone. Keeping a cat alone means that you have no opportunity to make contact with other people of the same kind as is the case with free travelers.If a cat is just moving into the new home, it should stay in the house for 4-6 weeks to get used to it. Then you can slowly get used to the outdoor area. In this acclimatization phase, she would also be a single cat without a second cat. However, this condition is only temporary. The same applies if the outdoor cat gets sick and is not allowed to go outside for a certain period of time.

Proper socialization plays an important role

However, it is not always so unproblematic if a cat lives alone for a certain period of time, without any conspecifics. However, keeping them alone at a young age can lead to faulty development and mental stunting. A later reunification or a sudden contact with other cats can mean enormous stress and excessive stress for animals from a single husbandry.Due to the lack of contact with fellow species, behavioral disorders can develop, for example. These range from aggressiveness to fear to atrophy of the soul. For example, a typical consequence of keeping cats alone is extreme attachment to people. In a sense, the cat is looking for a replacement for the missing species. However, a person cannot normally live up to this claim. If only because a person can not spend as much time as a second cat, which is almost always available for a game or a brawl. The single cat quickly becomes under-challenged.

Socialization in kittens

When the kittens leave their mother at the age of eight to twelve weeks, socialization is far from over. The little kittens therefore need contact with cats of the same age with whom they can play, scuffle and cuddle. The kittens learn many important behaviors in order to develop healthily. So keeping a kitten alone is not a good option for a happy and optimal growing up. Some cats become depressed if they are kept alone. They stop playing, move less and sleep more. The reduced activity over a longer period of time can also lead to obesity and other problems.However, there are cats that are purely single cats. For example, if a cat was not sufficiently socialized as a small kitten because it was separated from the litter too early. Even with an older cat that has been living alone for a long time, socialization is rather risky and very likely to have problems. These individuals are alone, without any kind, more satisfied and should actually be kept individually. A reunification can bring great stress and permanent problems, so that the existing cat only suffers and withdraws. The type of cat can be kept alone and it is advisable because of the possible problems.

Choosing the right pair

If you want to buy two cats at once, either a mixed-sex couple or a sibling pair is recommended. A mixed pair is recommended if you don’t get the cats from the same breeder or location, or if you don’t want to buy the second cat until later. If you choose two cats from the start, you can choose a functioning sibling pair from the breeder or the delivery point. With sibling couples, it is not critical whether it is a same-sex or a mixed-sex couple. These cats grew up together and therefore already know each other and there are usually no complications.

What to consider when a new cat moves in

If there are still animals in your household (such as dogs or cats), it is particularly important to make the animals known to one another as stress-free as possible. If you can take your new cat home, be sure to move it to a separate room. The cat should stay there for a few days. Give the other cat the new cat’s transport box so that they can sniff it and familiarize themselves with the smell of the newcomer.After a day or two, you should swap the animals’ rooms for an hour or two. This way, the new cat can familiarize itself with the rest of the apartment and spread its smell there too. Your other animals can once again thoroughly absorb the smell of the avoidable intruder. They also give off their scent to the room where the newcomer will stay for a few more days. Repeat this procedure for two to three days. You should then leave the door to the new cat’s room open for a while. Leave the door open so that the new roommate can come out, but not your other animals.If you have another cat in your household, only open the door so far that the cats can see and sniff, but are unable to attack. So the animals can look for direct contact. Never leave the animals unattended. If this happens without any complications, you can leave the door open longer and longer in the next two days until you can finally be sure that the animals are getting along. Then the time has come when the cat can now move completely into the rest of the apartment.

Cats and small animals

However, if your household has small animals such as rabbits or guinea pigs, it will be easier to get the cat used to these roommates. It is best to take your cat on your lap and sit with her in front of the animal cage. Talk to the cat soothingly. After ten minutes you should finish this procedure and continue the next day. If the cat shows no signs of fear or aggression after a few days, you can now put one of your other animals on your lap and let the cat watch you stroke the animals. Here, too, the first contact should not take longer than ten minutes. Now alternately stroke the small animal and your cat. This way you create a group smell that signals the cat that the other pet is not a prey,Falls Sie überlegen Ihrer neuen Katze nach einiger Zeit einen Spielgefährten zu besorgen, verfahren Sie wie bereits oben erwähnt wurde auf die gleiche Weise wie bei bereits vorhandenen Tieren. Bei älteren Katzen oder Katzen die schlecht sozialisiert wurden oder Verhaltensprobleme haben, sollten sie eher Abstand von diesem Gedanken nehmen. Dies geschieht zum Wohl beider Tier, aber vorallem, dem seelischen Wohl der bereits vorhandenenKatze.Of course, it can also happen that a cat has lived with a companion for a long time and, for example, he has died. In this case, you should consider very carefully whether you are bringing a second cat or a companion for the cat now living alone into your home. The cat may suffer from separation or being alone, but an incorrectly chosen partner can cause more suffering. The new companion must fit in character and best of all age. Therefore, take enough time to choose this partner and then nothing should stand in the way of a happy connection. Do not hesitate to try cat fountains! They are perfect for your pets to share and have fun with!