Pregnant cat

False Pregnancy in Cats – Is Your Kitty Really Pregnant?

Does False Pregnancy in Cats Occur?

False pregnancy in cats. Although more common in dogs, there are also felines showing signs of pregnancy while they’re not pregnant at all. Suppose your cat’s nipples are pink and swollen. What does that mean? All the books and web sites will tell you: she’s pregnant. But… wait a minute. She didnt have a heat cycle recently. And the last time she went out was five months ago when you took her to the vet for a shot. No, she hasnt been outside since. How could she without you noticing it? You live on the 15th floor!

Pregnant cat nippleHow Could She Get Pregnant?

Well, chances are she isn’t. Sometimes queens show all the signs of pregnancy without actually being pregnant. It’s called false pregnancy in cats or pseudo pregnancy in cats. It is rare in felines – it’s more common in dogs – but it does happen, and it can seriously fool you as a cat owner. There are two possible causes for false pregnancy in cats. One is, she releases eggs without apparent reason. Second, she mated with a neutered male, and the mating caused her to release eggs. As a result she undergoes hormonal changes that make her look like she’s pregnant. She can even gain weight! Don’t worry. False pregnancy in cats fades away within a few weeks. Do you have to see the vet? The vet can tell you within minutes if your kitty’s expecting. Also, see the vet if her nipples stay pink for weeks. If it turns out your cat actually is pregnant, we recommend that you prepare yourself for the best way to support her. You cannot take on the responsibility of caring for a pregnant cat without knowing exactly what to expect and what she will need over the next few months. You might be interested in reading a cat pregnancy FAQ. False pregnancy in cats leads to weight gain